About Us

Our Story

Every Citizen Armed began as a Facebook page dedicated to Second Amendment commentary. Over time, it evolved into a promotional company for firearms instructors, ranges, and gun shops. Today, we serve those who uphold the Second Amendment by ensuring firearms instruction and use remain accessible to everyday Americans.

Our Mission

At Every Citizen Armed, we are committed to promoting and preserving the Second Amendment. We connect individuals with reputable firearms instructors, ranges, and gun shops, ensuring everyone has access to essential firearms training and resources. We believe in the importance of self-defense and the right of every American to protect themselves and their loved ones.

Join us in our mission to uphold the freedoms and rights that form the foundation of our nation.

Our Team

Benjamin Boyles

Benjamin Boyles, also from Bakersfield, CA, brings his extensive experience as a current law enforcement officer to Every Citizen Armed. His firsthand knowledge of law enforcement and public safety enriches the company’s mission to provide practical and effective firearms training. Benjamin’s dedication to upholding the Second Amendment is evident in his work with the company.

Charles Sears

Charles Sears is a veteran, former law enforcement officer, serial entrepreneur, and marketer based in Bakersfield, CA. With a passion for preserving gun rights, Charles has authored three books and is a staunch advocate for the Second Amendment. He believes in the fundamental right to self-defense and is committed to making firearms training accessible to all Americans. As a Christian and a father of two girls, Charles deeply values freedom and the ability to protect one’s family.

Chuck Sears

Chuck Sears is a small business owner and former school board member from Bakersfield, CA. As a family man with strong conservative values, Chuck believes deeply in self-defense and supporting Second Amendment causes. He is an active participant in community charity and a devoted father of three. His journey as a self-made man and his commitment to his community and family reflect his belief in the importance of personal responsibility and the right to bear arms.