About Us

Making Gun Culture Great Again Since 2017

Our History

Every Citizen Armed was founded in 2017 by U.S. Army and Law Enforcement veteran, Charles Sears. Charles saw the need for a revitalization of the gun rights movement, and felt the only way to make it happen was to bring people together. He knew that one way to quickly and easily identify like-minded is through their clothing, so he began designing Pro-Second Amendment apparel for the every day citizen.

Benjamin Boyles, now co-owner or Every Citizen Armed was one of the first supporters of the clothing line. His love and passion for human gun rights led him to invest into the cause and join the team! Now the brand is over twenty states and three countries! 

All designs are crafted in the United States of America!


Our Core

We believe that every human is born with the right keep and own a firearm. The need for firearms derives itself from the instinct of self-preservation. We believe that every man and woman who hasn’t proven to be a threat to the general public should have access to a firearm.

Our Founders

Meet the men behind the mission.

Charles Sears

Founder, President


Co-Owner, Chief Marketing Officer