Shopify Joins the Gun Control Movement


Here is the deal, fellow patriots: soon there will be no safe place for you to hide. The progressive-left is in an all-out war on American values, and they are willing to sacrifice time, money and sometimes even their physical safety to push their agenda.

The Death of the Free Market

The age-old war against life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness used to stay in the political arena, where candidates could hash it out over debates and the let the people decide their fate. That war is now spilling over into our everyday lives.

We are fighting a war in the media, where Progressive, Liberal Democrats push for the disarmament and castration of the American citizen. They advertise Socialism and Fascist ideologies as if they aren't the very thing we fought against in the American Revolution. News anchors have willingly become puppets for this crazy agenda for their power-hungry puppeteers. 

Now we are fighting an economic war against institutions whose primary is business. First Google, Facebook  and Twitter disallowed paid advertising for firearms and ammunitions shops, effectively leaving them to word of mouth sales or traditional marketing (which is less and less effective), and now even Shopify has signed on to the brainwashing of American citizens.

Shopify's new Acceptable-Use Policy (AUP), bars the sale of "Semi-Automatic Firearms capable of accepting a detachable magazine with the capacity to hold more than ten rounds". Sounds like legislation coming out of the Dictatorship of California, right? The Free Market is looking a lot less "free" these days, as politics and business try to snuff out the remaining strongholds of America's founding principles.

The Great Divide

Democrats claim that Republicans are responsible for dividing this country, all the meanwhile they are quite literally forcefully pushing out anyone who carries the ideals opposite of theirs. From falsifying statistics, to bold-face lies, Democrats have been feeding America a bag of manure wrapped in a sealed flowery-scented casing to mask the smell. It's not just a politician lying anymore, it's the news anchor. It's not just the legislator introducing unconstitutional laws, it's activist judges enforcing them. The left has realized they cannot win in the Supreme Court, and so they will influence the way we do business instead. They block us out of normal commerce channels so we can no longer make money using the most popular platforms. There is only one thing we can do to succeed:

Embrace Their Hate

You and I need to accept our fate. We need to embrace that the left no longer wants to engage in civil transactions, they want to snuff us out. They have been playing the long game, spending decades brainwashing the large populations in the inner-cities. Where firearm safety was once taught in grade school, generations of Americans haven't ever even fired a handgun out of fear. Fear has turned into hatred because as we all know, natural instinct causes us to fear and hate things we don't understand.

That is the agenda of the left; to play on your fear. If you are unfamiliar with a firearm, they have easy access to your imagination; feeding you story after story of false narratives and statistics to empower you from fear into loathing. So just accept it. Embrace the idea that those in power on the left side of right are the enemy; and they ARE your enemy. Whether you accept it or not, the America you know and love, the principles of freedom are being eroded away, piece by piece on every front.

The Strongest Defense is a Winning Offense

Liberty-loving Americans need to move on from the traditional ways of doing business. The "We are too busy to argue with the left because we are working" argument is no longer enough. While you working, they are scheming. While you are sleeping, they are planning the takeover of America. If you care about the future of your beloved ideals, you need start putting time and money into them. Organizations like National Rifle Association, Firearms Policy Coalition and others are on the offense, taking the fight to the left rather than letting them act first.

You need to get your Democrat friends out shooting with you. The fastest way to turn a gun-hating liberal into an advocate for the Second Amendment is to get them out shooting a firearm. The left plays on emotions. They use the lack of knowledge to play on fear, so the easiest way to remove that fear is to educate a Gun-Control advocate with hands-on experience. 


We need more Americans to start online businesses. The entrepreneurs of the 80's and 90's still haven't accepted the online marketplace, and it is killing their business. Traditional storefronts without an online presence are dying off. Just look at what happened to Toy's 'R Us. We need innovators to step into the realm of the internet and build freedom into the marketplace. Facebook is just a website with an app. It can be rebuilt, and it can provide a safe environment for conservatives to engage in conversation and commerce. We just need the right face, and the right budget.

Are we likely to create a search engine bigger and better than Google? Maybe, with the right face in front of it. The technology is there to do it now, and it is out in the open. What we need is a Facebook and Instagram channel where all thoughts and ideas are welcome. Zuckerberg may have started a social media revolution, but he has made it clear that he is enemy of conservative business and ideology.

Everyday Activism

Getting the message out is getting harder to and harder to do, as platforms are banning conservative voices citing hate speech, etc. They will create false labels to achieve whatever agenda they desire. That is why I created Every Citizen Armed. Originally, Every Citizen Armed sold firearms and ammunition (under a different brand), but once I realized I could not market those goods, I decided to engage in business where I could make the most impact supporting the cause.

Our company has yet to face a ban for our message, and so I am using these channels to keep the message going. Until we find someone to light the torch and start our own versions of Facebook and Instagram, we have to use the platforms available. After starting Every Citizen Armed, I realized the easiest way to get a message out was put it on my clothes. With the message, "One Right to Guarantee Them All" plastered on the front of my shirt, everyone who saw me, got the message.

I first thought I might face ridicule and retribution, but I have had nothing but compliments and new customers. The average American is on our side folks. We just have to be willing to get out in front of the crowd an stand for what we believe in. In conclusion, it is offense that will win this war, and that is what Every Citizen Armed is engaged in along with dozens of other businesses. We encourage you to put your money into the cause, whether it be donating to the NRA, or putting  wearable on with a message.You can find our selection of wearables here.