Do you guys build websites?

Yes, we do! We offer websites and search engine marketing for firearms instructors at extremely affordable, flat monthly rates.

How do you market us on Google? Isn't that restricted?

It is restricted, but we have some of the best Search Engine Optimization strategies in the United States. We know how to rank your business on Google effectively.

Can you help with logos, flyers, and business cards?

Absolutely! We can assist with logos, flyers, and business cards. These services are available for a separate fee from our marketing packages.

Am I locked into a contract?

All marketing plans require a minimum 12-month term. This ensures that everyone’s time, energy, and effort are respected.

Licensed Courses

Do you offer licensed online training for firearms instructors?

es, we do! We have an entire education platform built out for CCW courses, as well as basic and intermediate firearms courses that you can license.

Do you include the curriculum for each course so we can teach it in person?

Yes, we provide both an online training classroom and a printout so you can teach the course in person as well.

Does it cost money to license your material?

We charge a small per-student fee to use our online classroom. If you want to use our curriculum for your in-person classes, we offer a flat monthly fee of $25 per curriculum you license

Is there a contract or term?

If you license our in-person curriculums, the term is 12 months. Our online platform is just a pay-per-student model, so there is no term!


Can I buy shirts directly online?

Yes, you can. We offer an online storefront for those who do not have a retailer in their area.

Can I buy apparel to stock in my store?

Yes, you can. We offer inventory stocking packages, each with their own special discount.

How much should I sell the apparel for?

We strive to ensure our retailers can meet their 35% – 50% profit margin targets. You can see our MSRP on the shirts in our store.

Do you help promote your own clothing brand?

Yes! When a retailer signs up and purchases one of our inventory stocking packages, we run social media advertising in their area to drive new business to their doorstep.

What is your return policy?

We will replace any inventory that is damaged or malformed before it arrives in your store.