build confidence and stay ready to fight.

Many Kern County residents want a CCW permit, but aren’t sure how it all works. We make getting a CCW in Kern County easy and more affordable.

Train with Current and Former Law Enforcement & Military

Every Time You Carry, Your Family is a Little Safer.

Kidnappers, murderers, looters and rioters are not some distant reality. In a society on the brink of social unrest, anarchy is only a vote away. Wouldn’t it bring you peace of mind knowing you’ll be able to protect your family from evil actors? Get Your Kern County CCW Permit Today.

We help you each step of the way.

Getting Approved is Easy.


Apply Online

Now you can easily apply online. Just fill out the application, submit your documents as required.


Take the Course

Complete the required training and submit your certificate of completion to the Sheriff’s Office.


Start Carrying

After passing a thorough background back, the Sheriff’s Office will issue your new CCW License!

Use Our Good Cause Writing Service to Improve your chance of success!

Don’t Wait Until Tragedy Strikes. Enroll Today.

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