About ECA

Chief Executive Officer (CEO): Charles Sears

On January 30th, 2009, I raised my right hand and swore to uphold the Constitution of the United States as a soldier in the Army National Guard. In 2013, I did it again as a Deputy Sheriff. I did that because I am an American Patriot. I love this country and all the things it stands for, especially a life apart from tyranny. 

Working in law enforcement,I got the opportunity to learn how the law works, and see it operate at different levels of government. I worked in the court system for years, and watched as people's rights were stripped away; most justly, but some not. I watched as California laws arbitrarily stripped men and women of their gun rights through civil restraining orders, and I couldn't believe my eyes.

Now I am an advocate for the Second Amendment, even focusing my college coursework on the topic. After researching the rich history of the Second Amendment, even dating back to Old England, it is clear to me what is going on in this country. We are at war with a group of power-hungry men and women who will stop at nothing to strip away the power of the people.

I believe gun culture is American culture, and I will lead this fight to the end. Your right to defend yourself, your family and your country doesn't stop at the feet of some overly sensitive gun-control fanatic. It is a God-given right, and if anyone is going to try and take it away, they're likely to meet God before I do.


About Every Citizen Armed

Every Citizen Armed is not just a social media page, a website or a clothing company; we are a movement. We are advocates, making a public statement about our belief system, hoping that through our brand we can inspire others to join the fight against progressive tyranny. With your help, Every Citizen Armed will become a household name. We are excited to offer over two dozen patriotic products for sale in our online shop.

We have a vision for this company, and it is to go far beyond clothing. Our goal is to turn discussion into interest, interest into training, and trainees into instructors. As a community of tacticians, we can come together and learn how to overcome any obstacle. After all, Special Forces Operators aren't the best because they are super-human; they are the best because they train day in and day out with a team. They know their teammates and how they operate. With our future firearms training, we believe we can develop a standard that will make average citizens just as deadly on the battlefield. We are passionate about our right to bear arms, and if you are too, we hope you will join us on this crusade.

~ Team ECA