Like our forefathers, we must remain loyal to the American concept of liberty. Our allegiance belongs not to man, but the law.


American men and women have a duty to protect the United States Constitution from those who would see it destroyed. It is your duty to reject laws that violate the Constitution, and fight the good fight and keep injustice from prevailing.


Respect the men and women who have died for liberty enough to pick up the burden and fight back with your own blood, sweat and tears. Respect the concept of American freedom, and do not allow even elected officials to violate the basic contract we allow them to govern under.


Liberty requires sacrifice. Safety is always provided at the cost of freedom, so in order to regain liberty, expect to give up personal safety in order to do so. Each and every patriot will be required to sacrifice their time or their resources in order to maintain an edge over traitors who would see our country fall.


Do what’s right, legally and morally. Do not allow the corrosive culture of the progressive movement to infiltrate your minds. They are liars, deceivers and will not stop at nothing, including committing violence in order to further their agenda.